Diesel and Transmission Service Technician Indeed

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Murray Chevrolet Cadillac Medicine Hat
March 15, 2023
Medicine Hat, Canada
Job Type
$20.00-$43.55 per hour
  • Medicine Hat




  • Diagnosing Vehicle Situations
  • Completing Vehicle Maintenance and/or Repairs
  • Quality Control
  • Administration
  • Interdepartmental Relations


  • Adaptability
  • Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Enthusiasm
  • Judgement
  • Organizing and Planning
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

Skills Required:

  • Knowledge of automotive systems and the ability to explain systems and repairs to others
  • Willingness and ability to maintain current product and technical knowledge
  • Appropriate technical certifications
  • Ability to diagnose vehicle problems and interpret work orders
  • Ability and desire to repair vehicles correctly the first time
  • Ability to diagnose vehicle problems other than those on the work order or those described by the customer
  • Ability to estimate time of service or repair job for purposes of efficient scheduling
  • Knowledge of parts requirements to complete a job, and ability to communicate parts requirements via repair orders
  • Ability to maintain communication with Service Consultants and Parts Department
  • Knowledge of approved and established procedures for conducting service and repairs
  • Ability to document repairs performed on completed customer service orders
  • Ability to stay current by attending technical training schools and by reading and understanding service manuals, technical bulletins, etc.
  • Knowledge of and ability to comply with the quality control & inspection requirements of the Service Dept.
  • Ability to clock on and clock off when working on a repair

Work Orientation Factors

  • Contact with Service Consultants and customers from a variety of backgrounds
  • Contact with people in all dealership departments
  • Considerable detail-oriented paperwork (documentation of repairs, charges, etc.)

Position Summary

  • Is responsible for conducting routine service on vehicles and for diagnosing and completing repairs on customer vehicles.
  • Is the most up-to-date person in the dealership with regard to the technical aspects of vehicles.
  • Works closely with the Parts Department and with the Service Consultant.
  • Uses the computer to determine how long a given repair or service will take and keeps the Service Consultant or Manager abreast of repair progress so that additional work may be scheduled.
  • Is a good communicator, immediately telling the Service Consultant and Parts Department if a part needs to be ordered and asking for clarification if a work order is not clear or seems incorrect.
  • Is capable of correctly performing complicated repair sequences according to established procedures.
  • Knows the shop area and the availability of special tools that might be needed.
  • Is detail-oriented & writes on the work order the repairs completed, the parts required, & the labour to be charged.
  • Documents any other vehicle problems that were noted during servicing.
  • Should be capable of working independently, managing his or her time and work flow.

The work of the Technician:

  • Must be done efficiently and correctly to help ensure the success of the Service Department.
  • Involves analyzing work orders carefully to understand a vehicle's condition, the accuracy of the diagnosis, and what work has been agreed to.
  • Requires understanding which parts and tools will be required for a given repair or service and ensuring their availability.
  • Entails the ability to repair vehicles quickly and under stress, clocking on and clocking off the repairs, and staying with a planned schedule for the day or adapting to changes as needed.
  • Requires conforming to quality control and inspection policies and procedures that protect the Technician and the vehicle during servicing.
  • From an administrative standpoint is centered on completing work orders and on documenting pairs conducted, the parts required, and the labour involved.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $20.00-$43.55 per hour


  • Dental care
  • RRSP match
  • Vision care


  • 8 hour shift

Work Location: One location

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